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In the Evangelical Church of the Augsburg confession on the cantata evening of music, conducted by Józef Jawurek an excerpt of among others of "The Creation" by Joseph Haydn was performed. Most probably Chopin with his sister Ludwika were singing in the choir.
  • Warsaw – churches – Internet Chopin Information Centre (NIFC)

  • Evangelical-Augsburg Church of the Holy Trinity – history

Sowiński and numbness
Paris. It is not possible to organize the concert of Chopin planned for the December 25 (it was postponed to January). In a long letter to Tytus Woyciechowski Chopin shares various observations concerning life in Paris. He also writes about his feelings and musical sensitivity: "I would like you to be here, you won’t believe it, because I am very sad here that I have nobody to talk to. You know how easy I meet people, how much I like to talk with them about nothing, so I have too much of such acquaintances, but I have nobody I could sigh with. When it comes to my feelings, I am always in syncope with others. That is why I am suffering and you won’t believe how much I search for a break so that for a whole day nobody visits me and nobody would talk to me. I do not suffer when I write to you, but when the bell moves and something with small moustache walks in, something big, grown-up, stocky will sit at the piano and it doesn’t know itself what it improvises, it thumps, hammers without any sense, moves hands and in five minutes on one key it rattles with its huge finger which somewhere there on Ukraine to the economist’s whip and to reins was born. This is the portrait of Mr. [Wojciech] Sowiński who doesn’t have any other merit than his good posture and good heart for himself."