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Marie Jeanne Dennery
Chopin in his letter to family (written from 12 to 26 December): "Today, December 17. I have stopped writing the letter and I couldn’t continue until today. Today it is very dark and ugly here. (…) yesterday we were all with Luce in the theatre de la Porte St. Martin where the new drama by Mr. Dennery was staged (not a very good one), where Mrs. Dorval splendidly interprets her role. The title: Marie Jeanne. It is a girl from the grassroots, who marries an artisan who leaves her in poverty with a baby son due to the dishonourable life he leads, and she, to save the baby from starving as she doesn’t have enough food to give it to eat, brings the child aux enfants trouvés [to the house of oafs]. The scene is perfectly performed. Everybody is sobbing; there is only the sound of sneezing in the room." 
  • Théâtre de la Porte Saint-Martin

  • Adolphe Philippe d'Ennery (Dennery) – WIKIPEDIA