How hard it is to fully grasp the cosmos of this music! The entire Poland is here: her national drama, her everyday life, her feelings, the cult of beauty in a human being and the humanity, the noble and proud character of the country, her ponderings and songs.
Asafiev Boris
Chopin is a bond joining together all the Polish people dispersed around the world, whose lives have unfolded similarly to Chopin’s.
Bloch Augustyn
Chopin is a symbol. A symbol of success and suffering, a symbol of joy and sorrow, and finally a symbol of longing for the lost homeland, never to be seen again, and of unbeatable hope for its resurrection.
Bloch Augustyn
Chopin is a common language for many millions of people of different nationalities, who need this music like they need bread and salt.
Bloch Augustyn
In truth, he invented everything on his own: himself, his sources and – partly – the piano, an instrument which resounded for the first time with such an abundance of nuances and tones, and which manifested itself through him. 
Bourniquel Camille
The love of his wonderful music is timeless. As long and the art of music exists, Chopin’s music will have one of the most prominent places in it.
Goldenweiser Alexander
What was a refined decoration in others, in him seemed like flowers vibrant with colours; what was technical competence in others, in him seemed like a sparrow flying.
Hiller Ferdynand
Chopin is so dear to us precisely because, with his music, he enters the artistic atmosphere which surrounds us as our contemporary; as  a close, well-understood and beloved friend.
Kabalevsky Dmitri
His character was indeed not easily understood. A thousand subtle shades, mingling, crossing, contradicting and disguising each other, rendered it almost undecipherable at a first view.
Liszt Franz
Chopin is less a musician than a soul manifesting and communicating itself through all manner of music, even through simple chords.
Liszt Franz
The imagined world in Chopin’s works possesses charms and richnesses both unfathomed and extraordinarily special. Yet, despite all of its fantastic quality, this is a deeply human world, just as it is deeply human to fervently seek the ideal.
Lutosławski Witold
Chopin perceived his life as a tool to explore all life in the world and would thus lead this lavishly personal and indeliberately lonely existence of his.
Pasternak Boris
If I wanted to show somebody what Poland is, I would play them Chopin mazurkas.
Pokrovsky Boris
Since my childhood, Chopin has been the symbol of Poland for me – and exactly through the prism of Chopin, and not for example “Solidarity”, I perceive her today, too. […] Chopin is as if “above Poland” at the same time being her heart – not her part, but precisely, the heart of Poland. 
Pokrovsky Boris
… it is absolutely inconceivable how two genius abilities became united in Chopin’s person: that of the greatest melodist and of the most original master of harmony.
Rimsky-Korsakov Nikolai
Chopin was a genius of the piano, that is why his every musical note is dear to us. 
Rubinstein Anton
If Mozart was alive, he would be writing Chopin’s concertos.
Schumann Robert
It was an unforgettable picture to see Chopin sitting at the piano like a clairvoyant, lost in his dreams.
Schumann Robert
No one who loves music can be indifferent towards Chopin. […] His music contains unfeigned feelings, a dream of the future, and crystal-clear, fervid, exciting ideas.
Shostakovich Dmitri
The soul of Chopin's music - the melody - is never artificial, contrived or schematic; it is born of life and genuine emotions - this is what gives it its power.
Shostakovich Dmitri
What makes Chopin great is the fact that no matter how simple he is he never becomes common, while his most complicated works never become overly sophisticated.
Tolstoy Leo
You can love Poles for this one thing itself, that they had Chopin!
Tolstoy Leo
Those two – Chopin and Lutosławski – are enough to make a forty-million nation feel proud of its music. 
Weinberg Mieczysław